The Austin YMCA makes strides in energy conservation and reduced waste. Learn how you can help.

Commitment to the Environment

The Austin YMCA is committed to sustaining the environment through initiatives and programs that conserve resources and reduce waste.  We monitor monthly energy consumption and work with staff, employees, and stakeholders to incorporate measures to save energy, conserve resources, and contribute to our sustainability goals.

We are proud to be part of the Austin community and our goal is to contribute to the City of Austin’s goal of greenhouse gas reduction. Since 2014, the Austin YMCA has seen significant reductions in electricity consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Benchmarks Over Four Years

  • 16% Reduction in Electricity Costs
  • 4% Reduction in Electricity Consumption
  • 7% Decrease in Peak Demand
  • 12% Decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Water Conservation

Automatic faucets turn off after xx seconds and reduce excess water usage. Xeriscaping the YMCA grounds requires less water used to maintain the property.

Energy Reduction

LED light bulbs have been replaced across the facility to reduce energy usage.  YMCA employees turn off lights when the facility is not in use.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Since 2014

Reduced Waste and Recycling

Recycling bins are located across the YMCA property. Water fountains are available for refilling water bottles and reduced usage of plastic water bottles. Hand air dryers in bathrooms save on paper products wasted.

Healthy Living

Healthy vending machines provide locally sourced and sustainable food options. Pool cleaning is done by ultraviolet light reducing the amount of chemicals required to maintain a clean pool. 

How You Can Help


  1. Turn off TVs when not in use.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle.
  3. Recycle plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and paper in recycle bins.
  4. Take a shorter shower to conserve water.
  5. Eat locally sourced, organic foods.