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Utility Measurement and Verification

Utility measurement is not always accurate. Call Blue Ocean to ensure that your utility measurement aligns with your electrical consumption.

Our laboratory-grade equipment measures and verifies so you and your tenants have confidence in electricity cost allocations.

There may be a question as to whether or not your utility measurement is correct. Blue Ocean can assist with verification, and cost allocation with utility bills and / or equipment.

This is a particular concern if a sub-meter is incorrectly measuring a tenant’s load which is then invoiced back to the tenant. It is important to get cost allocation right whether this is for utility services or equipment. Utility measurement can be verified to ensure it aligns with your electrical usage.

Incorrectly invoiced meters can cause legal disputes, as well as accounting nightmares, especially when a meter has been measuring incorrectly for an extended period of time. Blue Ocean’s experience shows that one in four sub-meters have a greater than 20% accuracy variance.

Blue Ocean offers our Utility Measurement and Verification service using laboratory-grade equipment that is calibrated and guaranteed to be 1/10th of 1% accurate. Blue Ocean offers a quick and easy way to ensure electrical meter accuracy and to ensure that tenants are invoiced correctly.

Types of Utility Measurement and Verification

Blue Ocean offers two types of load verification:

  1. Extended load verification – Blue Ocean’s equipment will measure the load for a minimum of 24 hours. The greater period of load measurement ensures greater verification accuracy, as it ensures that equipment cycling on and off is being captured over the extended period of measurements.
  2. Load observation – This service particularly targets loads that are fairly constant. Blue Ocean’s equipment will be attached for a minimum of 15 minutes. As a result, multiple meter verification can take place in a relatively short period of time.

After the measurement period is concluded, Blue Ocean will issue a meter verification report that clearly states whether or not the meter is within operational tolerances. This service is also available for utility meter verification.

Blue Ocean also offers equipment, maintenance and operational cost calculations for building usage and after-hours usage. We can provided equipment life cycle and administrative costs stamped by a Certified Energy Manager and Texas Certified PE.

Blue Ocean offers this service to multiple clients, including:

Clients include: Commercial Office Buildings, Retail Shopping Centers, Medical Centers, Automobile Dealerships, Churches, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Light Industrial


Office Building, Austin, TX

The sub-meter was measuring load with an error of 2,000%, resulting in extensive overbilling to the tenant. The sub-meter had been in place for many years. Blue Ocean’s Measurement and Verification services provided the evidence required to correct overbilling of several hundred thousand dollars during this time period.

Office Building, Austin, TX

Blue Ocean was retained to verify a meter where a tenant had questions about the accuracy of electrical consumption. Upon inspection of the meter, Blue Ocean determined that it was not, in fact, an electrical meter but instead a Btu meter. The tenant had been invoiced incorrectly for more than a year. Blue Ocean was able to resolve the billing discrepancies resulting in a substantial refund for our client.

Office Building, Houston, TX

During Blue Ocean’s measurement and verification of the building utility meter, we determined that the power factor was measured incorrectly by the utility meter, resulting in substantial over-charges for our client. Blue Ocean was able to resolve the billing discrepancies, resulting in a refund for the client that far exceeded our fees.

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