energy starThe US EPA ENERGY STAR® Program has announced that an update to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Metrics will take place on August 26, 2018. This update will include new 2012 CBECS survey results. These results have a larger sample size to better reflect the building stock which changes over time. As the new sample size is larger and as buildings are becoming more efficient, it is likely that ENERGY STAR scores will go down. Here are a few important tips to prepare for this update:

  • It is important to document your “pre-update” scores and details before July 2018
  • Qualifying buildings should apply for ENERGY STAR certification by July 26, 2018 …especially if your score is close to 75!
  • All 2017 ENERGY STAR certified buildings can apply for 2018 certification using a “Year Ending Date” of April 30, 2018 or earlier.
  • For buildings with data centers, there will be changes/updates coming which we will continue to follow and update our clients.
  • Some property types will have additional space requirements (warehouse, house of worship, K-12 Schools and Supermarkets).

A link to the EPA’s presentation can be found here: August 26 2018 update to PM presentation CBECS.