Ideas that can save water for commercial spaces:

  • Detect and fix leaks: cheapest and easiest way to save money is to periodically check pipes, fixtures, appliances and equipment for leaks and fix these.
  • Install high efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances: Some Austin Water rebates and free fixture distribution programs may apply.
  • Ensure water line pressure is not above 65 psi: According to Austin Water, pressure above 65 psi in the water line may result in less efficient indoor plumbing fixtures or outdoor irrigation systems – and the waste of water. Install a pressure reduction valve to lower water pressure.
  • Perform periodic irrigation system evaluations and install a separate irrigation meter: checking controllers and timers can ensure these are on the proper settings so that only a specific amount of water is used. A separate meter for irrigation can help measure irrigation usage and identify leaks.
  • Install hardscape or native, drought tolerant plants: replace water-thirsty turf with tough grasses or permeable hardscapes, rock gardens, mulching or non-irrigated beds.
  • Install water saving equipment to cooling towers: significant water savings can be achieved by reducing water used for cooling towers. This includes equipment that maximizes cycles of concentration for cooling towers.
  • Install rainwater and/or air conditioning condensate collection system: could use a/c condensate when the weather is hot and dry and units are running full-load then switch to stored rainwater when weather turns cooler.
  • Use reclaimed water: use of cheaper, non-potable water for irrigation, cooling towers or other non-potable water needs may reduce water costs.
  • Institute an employee water conservation awareness and education system: employee awareness regarding how to save water, and energy, and avoid waste on a day-to-day basis can help.