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No matter where you see it, the ENERGY STAR label means the same thing — an energy-efficient top performer that saves money without sacrificing performance.

Having to perform better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide, ENERGY STAR certified buildings save energy, save money, and help protect the environment by generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than typical buildings.

We’re an Executive Member of EPA’s Certification Nation!

To help EPA celebrate 30 years of ENERGY STAR, we earned ENERGY STAR certification for 91 of our buildings this year—meaning they are among the most energy efficient buildings in the nation.

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ENERGY STAR certified buldings are awarded to facilities that are in the top 25% from an energy efficiency point of view.

Qualifying for the ENERGY STAR certification is a process that occurs each year, and requires third-party verification. Once a commercial building has become ENERGY STAR certified, the property can publicly display the ENERGY STAR plaque. The ENERGY STAR certification is a strong signal to current and potential tenants that a building owner / manager is proactively managing energy costs. According to ENERGY STAR, “an ENERGY STAR certified office building, on average, uses 35% less energy, and costs $0.54 less per square feet to operate, and has higher rental and occupancy rates.” Many Fortune 500 companies, as well as the federal government, require buildings in which they lease space to be ENERGY STAR certified. Energy cost savings have positive impacts for building owners, managers, and tenants alike. Other benefits include lower operating costs, better cash flow, higher rental rates and increased value of the asset. Blue Ocean can help you commit to the ENERGY STAR process, and if so, how to maximize your benefits by the effort.

Blue Ocean Energy has a long history of benchmarking and certifying commercial buildings for ENERGY STAR. Just a few of our clients are listed below!

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