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Energy Management Strategy

Blue Ocean’s Energy Management Strategy examines all aspects of organizational exposure to energy-related risk to identify both asset and operational energy efficiency opportunities for our clients.

Start managing energy costs and find significant cost savings.

Energy Management Strategy – The 360° Approach

Our comprehensive energy management strategy examines all aspects of organizational exposure to energy-related risk and identifies cost saving opportunities.

In Blue Ocean’s experience, the lowest cost energy efficiency opportunities are likely to be found in the operational aspects of a facility. In other words, operational efficiency should always be optimized before asset replacement/upgrades.

The basic premise of the Energy Management Strategy is that energy costs are variable operational costs that can and should be proactively managed. Blue Ocean defines the continuous Energy Management Strategy as follows:

  • Measure the facility’s current energy consumption profile
  • Identify opportunities to decrease energy consumption
  • Develop an Energy Management Strategy with facility management
  • Implement the Energy Management Strategy and act on identified opportunities
  • Educate Stakeholders including facility managers, occupants and decision-makers
  • Recognize achievements and the need for future actions

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The Continuous Cycle of Energy Management Strategy

The illustration in Figure 1 shows that an Energy Management Strategy is a continuous cycle. Very specifically, we define the 360° approach as an assessment of all energy-related risks to a facility/organization. Once the energy-related issues have been identified, the process by which the risk of these issues is mitigated equals the Energy Management Strategy.

An effective Energy Management Strategy can only be implemented with organizational management’s endorsement. If the focus on energy diminishes over time, the organization will likely revert back to previous patterns of energy management with a corresponding energy cost increase.

Although all of Blue Ocean’s services are intended to reduce our clients’ energy costs, our Comprehensive Energy Audit is specifically designed with this 360° approach in mind.  Blue Ocean has designed Comprehensive Energy Audit to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Measure the Facility’s Current Energy Profile

This stage includes a thorough analysis of multiple years of natural gas invoices, electricity invoices and any other sources of energy. This stage also includes site inspections and the installation of Blue Ocean’s real-time monitoring equipment.

Scope of Work:

  • Facility inspection
  • Historical energy consumption and cost analysis
  • Electricity “Demand” (kW) analysis
  • Electricity “Power Factor” (PF) analysis
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculation
  • Climate normalization of energy consumption
  • Energy cost development and forecasting
  • Tenant sub-meter invoicing audit
  • EPA (ENERGY STAR) Energy Rating analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of major electrical loads for 3-9 months
  • Load shifting analysis (reduce peak demand)
  • HVAC performance analysis
  • Operational efficiency analysis
  • Weekly load analysis
  • Assist with the implementation of any cost savings strategies identified
  • Monthly cost monitoring to determine actual savings

Identify Opportunities to Decrease Energy Consumption

After a period of real-time monitoring, Blue Ocean will compile the energy profile and consumption patterns for the facility.  A clear, concise report presents the findings and conclusions to facility management in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

Scope of Work:

  • Prioritized list of energy cost reduction opportunities
  • Operational opportunities for energy reduction
  • Economic analysis of savings potential
  • Simple payback periods calculated for any potential equipment replacement/upgrades

Develop the Energy Management Strategy

This is a separate item in our cycle because the Energy Management Strategy cannot be developed without feedback from facility management and site staff. 

Scope of Work:

  • Facility management feedback
  • Energy Management Strategy development
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Implement the Energy Management Strategy

During this stage and after consultation with facility management, operational and any potential equipment replacement/upgrades are implemented. Unlike our competitors, Blue Ocean stays involved with the process to ensure that predicted/anticipated energy savings actually occur.

Scope of Work:

  • Work with site staff to improve energy efficiency
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Monthly portfolio performance analysis of facilities
  • Assist with the implementation of any cost savings strategies identified
  • Monthly cost monitoring (normalized) to determine actual savings

Educate and Recognize

The “Educate” and “Recognize” components are important to engage internal stakeholders. Some clients prefer to widely involve their tenants.  Some clients prefer the energy saving measures to be invisible to their tenants.  Blue Ocean customizes our support based on the unique relationships our client has with stakeholders.   

Educate stakeholders including facility managers, occupants and decision-makers
Recognize achievements and the need for future actions

General observations for success of the “Educate” and “Recognize” components include:

  • Communicate need for Energy Management Strategy to internal stakeholders
  • Internal stakeholder feedback loop while generating Energy Management Strategy
  • Establish/train local energy director and team leaders
  • Establish objectives of Energy Management Strategy
  • Share measurement and performance of KPIs with internal stakeholders
  • Establish corrective actions process if KPIs objectives are not met
  • Recognize/celebrate when/if objectives and goals are met

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