Energy Benchmarking Your Building

You can’t manage what you don’t measure holds true for energy efficiency.

Energy Benchmarking can help. Energy compliance policies are being implemented in many cities and counties in the USA. The benefits of these polices to building owners can and do relate directly to the bottom line. According to the IMT (Institute for Market Transformation), buildings account for 40% of total energy used in the United States with building owners and tenants spending $450 billion on energy bills each year.

Benchmarking a building using energy benchmarking software brings attention to energy efficiency resulting in immediate and low-cost reductions in energy consumption. We believe that compliance can be the first step in making this happen.

Here at Blue Ocean, we help turn an obligation into opportunity. With our energy management solutions, we recommend operational and behavioral changes before large capital investments which result in lowering the bottom line.

Blue Ocean Energy has years of experience with energy compliance requirements. Tenant relationships are one of our key strengths as we have excelled in talking with tenants to obtain the necessary information needed.

Contact us about energy benchmarking. We can help you comply with your energy policy. 512-600-7060.

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