In the past week, Austin Energy has been sending out letters to building owners/managers about properties not being in compliance with the ECAD Ordinance. Unfortunately, many Austin Energy customers are receiving this type of letter in error due to the changes in Portfolio Manager (PM) which is the tool utilized for ECAD compliance. The options on how to report via PM changed last year and this is causing issues for Austin Energy’s software.

It has also come to our attention that a local company has been calling property managers/owners stating that they are calling on behalf of the City of Austin. This person is trying to solicit business by saying properties are in non-compliance with the ECAD ordinance. Besides being a questionable business practice, it is likely an illegal sales tactic to present yourself as a public employee when in fact you are not. Austin Energy is not making these calls to customers regarding ECAD compliance and you can ignore any such call that you may receive as “phone-spam.”

Energy News:

The milder weather, Texas wind power generation, new natural gas power generation capacity and lower natural gas prices are all positive news for electric consumers in the State of Texas. These events may also explain some of the resistance that Austin Energy is receiving for its proposed increase in Power Supply Adjustment (PSA) charges. Our prediction is that City Council will delay the PSA increase as there has been too many questionable Austin Energy items in the news lately such as the ongoing billing issues, the ECAD mismanagement, the debacle of the new Austin Energy HQ etc.