Blue Ocean Energy and BOMA Austin are working together to help improve the commercial ECAD compliance process. Earlier this month a notice went out from Austin Energy to all commercial office properties advising “it’s not too late” to comply with the ECAD June 1 reporting requirement. The problem was, many of the recipients of the notice were already in compliance. Blue Ocean’s Bo Petersen brought the issue to the attention of the BOMA Austin Sustainability Committee who raised the issue with the Austin Energy Major Accounts team.

The result was Austin Energy decided to implement a couple of changes based on the BOMA Austin and Blue Ocean Energy information. Austin Energy immediately provided a copy of the Portfolio Manager data to the Customer Information Group to ensure they could see the Portfolio Manager submissions. Next, they initiated a plan to send a letter to all customers who have complied using Portfolio Manager. This letter is a “thank you” for their Portfolio Manager submission which means Austin Energy will notify them that the submission was received.

To read the post on the BOMA Austin website click here.