BOMA Austin Sustainability Committee is sponsoring a series of workshops presenting the BOMA Energy Efficiency Program (otherwise known as BEEP). Previous modules were taught in 2019 and the remaining 4 modules are in the Spring of 2020. Course 5 & 6 will be held April 30th and Course 7 & 8 TBD all at Colorado Tower (thank you Cousins Properties). To find out more please visit BOMA AUSTIN:


Course 5: Building the Business Case: Valuing Energy Enhancement Projects and Financial Returns

Course 6: Awareness & Engagement: Promoting and Leveraging Sustainability Success

Blue Ocean Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day 2017

In recognition of the second annual national Energy Efficiency Day (EE Day) today, Blue Ocean is joining regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, and individuals working to promote energy efficiency – the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution.

Smarter energy use means we don’t have to generate as much power to meet needs.

Blue Ocean has already helped our top ten clients reduce electricity consumption by 16,173,824 kWh (or 34%) over the past 5 years. This amount of electricity is equal to 402,927 incandescent lamps switched to LED or the electricity usage of 1,678 homes in one year (source

An energy-efficient economy is free to thrive and innovate. Electricity use was 5 percent lower in 2016 than in 2010, while the U.S. economy grew by almost 13 percent over those years, demonstrating that efficiency and economic growth go hand-in-hand. Reducing the energy used by manufacturers, homes and businesses benefits everyone – especially energy bill-payers.

Energy efficiency is also an economic engine, supporting 2.2 million jobs nationwide in manufacturing, construction and other fields – most of which can’t be outsourced overseas.