Boulder Building Performance Ordinance

Blue Ocean Energy Management helps business owners comply with the Boulder Building Performance Ordinance.

Boulder City Council adopted the Boulder Building Performance Ordinance on October 20, 2015. This Ordinance requires privately-owned commercial and industrial buildings and city-owned buildings to:

  1. Annually rate and report (R&R) building energy use
  2. Perform energy assessments (EA) every ten years
  3. Perform retro-commissioning (RCx) every ten years and implement cost effective measures within two years of the study
  4. Implement one-time lighting upgrades

Natural gas must be included and utility data entered into the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager database utilizing the Boulder Energy Reporting ID. Building owners must work with tenants to obtain related information.

The deadline for commercial and industrial buildings is June 1st of each year.  Currently existing buildings 50,000 SF and above and new buildings 10,000 SF and above must report. In 2018, existing buildings 30,000-49,999 SF will be included and in 2020, existing buildings 20,000-29,999 SF and above will be included.

Blue Ocean Energy Management can help you determine if your building must comply with the Boulder Building Performance Ordiance. Give us a call at (844) 735-4634.