Domain 2 and Domain 7 Earn 2017 ENERGY STAR Certification

Congratulations to TIER REIT and Endeavor Real Estate Group for achieving the EPA’s 2017 ENERGY STAR® Certification for Domain 2 and Domain 7!

Both are Class “A” office buildings located at The Domain in Northwest Austin, Texas and have received the ENERGY STAR two years in a row.  Blue Ocean Energy was chosen to assist the owner and property managers in obtaining this esteemed award.

This certification represents proven, verified superior energy performance over a 12-month period. ENERGY STAR certified buildings perform in the top 25% of similar buildings nationwide and use on average 35% less energy versus similar buildings.

Blue Ocean speaks to Cousins Properties Austin

Bo Petersen, Senior Vice President at Blue Ocean Energy Management, was invited to speak to Cousins Properties Austin today.

This workshop informed the property management team and building engineers of Austin Energy’s rate plans including the November 1st change, along with explanation of Peak Demand and Load Factor.

The presentation ended with discussion of the top ten energy saving recommendations for office buildings including the importance of benchmarking energy and water usage.