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30th Anniversary of Energy Star

Want to lower your energy costs?

Energy costs aren’t “fixed!”

Turn to Blue Ocean Energy. We can help identify improvements in your buildings’ operations.

Typically it’s easy for us to reduce energy costs by 10-15%.

Are You Being Overcharged for Electricity?

Are your utilities billing you correctly?

We can help review utility invoices and rate plans. We have identified refunds for our clients.

Want to increase energy efficiency?

Elite companies strategically manage energy costs.

Increase profit on the bottom line. We can find energy savings without expensive capital investments.

Are your sub-meters reading correctly?

Even if a sub-meter is new, it may not be working properly.

Blue Ocean verifies sub-meters to ensure they are functioning and capturing the appropriate load(s). We also offer tenant cost allocation.

Why Blue Ocean?

We will help reduce energy consumption…

by recommending operational improvements before costly capital expense

Every building is different…

and we are expert building detectives.

Are you in compliance?

Meet energy efficiency compliance deadlines. 

Many cities and counties are enforcing energy benchmarking policies for commercial buildings.

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Commercial Energy Consultants

Blue Ocean Energy Management is a team of experienced commercial energy consultants providing building energy monitoring and energy audit services to help clients lower energy costs and comply with city ordinances. Blue Ocean is a woman-owned company which is certified WOSB & EDWOSB with the US Small Business Administration, HUB Texas Certified and City of Austin Woman-Owned Enterprise Certified.

Headquartered in the heart of Austin, Texas, Blue Ocean Energy Management's goal is to help lower your energy costs by developing and implementing an energy management strategy. Our business model is 100% aligned with our clients’ goals. We don’t sell equipment, software or retail energy…nor do we benefit financially from any product or service recommendations that we make. Our Guarantee…Blue Ocean offers a value-added consultancy service. We are so confident in our ability to reduce your energy costs, we will reduce our service fee if this is not accomplished. This is a 100% guarantee!

We are well versed in energy ordinance compliance and benchmarking including The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance and the Atlanta Commercial Energy Efficiency Ordinance.

Call today for a consultation at 512-600-7060 or email us at info@blueoceanenergy.net.

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What We Do

We work closely with our clients to achieve energy cost reductions. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t make money by selling you expensive equipment. We are 100% aligned with our clients’ best interests!
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Our Services

We provide energy management services to a range of clients including: Commercial Properties, Office Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Campuses, Health Care, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Light Industrial, and Real Estate Management Companies.

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Meet Our Team

Established in 2008, Blue Ocean Energy Management credentials include: Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Engineers, HVAC-Certified Specialists, Building Managers, Commercial Real Estate Professionals, and Energy Auditors.

Use energy smarter and save money.

Our services helped lower energy costs for one client by 47% versus the previous year.   In the past 2 years, our top ten clients have reduced energy consumption by 4.5 million kWh OR an average of $15,000 a month, per client, far exceeding our fees.

The Challenge


Energy Costs

  • High Operating Costs
  • Peak Demand Charges
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Equipment Inefficiency
  • Operational Inefficiency
  • Multi-tenant Cost Allocation

The Solution


Energy Management

  • Benchmarking / Goal Setting
  • ENERGY STAR Rating
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Demand Management
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Education & Awareness

The Benefit

Competitive Advantage

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Facility Performance
  • Enhanced Asset Value
  • Tenant Retention
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Access to Rebates

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It’s been an absolute pleasure to partner with Blue Ocean Energy on the Class A projects that I’ve been entrusted to manage. In the field of sustainability, it is so nice to work with people that are both incredibly educated in their trade of expertise and also truly care about the environment and the impact we’ll leave to future generations. Each time we audit my buildings for Energy Star compliance, I learn something new that can be applied to improving daily operations for our tenant population. This is not a check the box audit…..You truly learn how you can (or should in some cases) improve your building’s performance. Through this process last year, Blue Ocean also discovered a utility billing issue that enabled our owner to secure a roughly $17k reimbursement. As a result of Blue Ocean’s audits, training and education, I’m confident that our Team is well positioned to lead sustainability efforts for cost savings and improved tenant health and satisfaction.

Adam Benoit

Associate Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Blue Ocean Energy has helped our property qualify for Energy Start for the past 5 years with our 16-18 year old buildings.  BOE has been such a tremendous resource that has saved the property several thousand dollars by finding and correcting wasteful energy consumption.

Leigh Ann Hendricks

CPM® Regional Property Manager/General Manager, Tierreit

Cousins Properties, Inc. in Austin has been working with Blue Ocean Energy since 2014 and we have been extremely satisfied with their work. Their comprehensive energy audits, sub-metering audits and monthly utility bill reviews have been instrumental in lowering our overall energy costs, identifying numerous billing errors by Austin Energy and helping us recoup all of our costs attributed to sub-metered spaces. Their team is professional and extremely knowledgeable and they take ownership of project they work on. Our engineering staff has come to see them as a valuable resource & partner in helping them to view some of their tasks from a higher level to really think holistically about their building. BOE’s reasonable fees are virtually always offset many times over by the savings we achieve. I highly recommend this firm to any ownership entity or property management firm for any commercial building in their portfolio.

Heather Haney

Director, Property Management, Cousins Properties

KIPP Austin Public Schools engaged Blue Ocean to conduct energy compliance audits for its campuses in Austin, Texas. During these audits, Blue Ocean identified utility overcharges of nearly $9,000. In addition, Blue Ocean was also able to correct erroneous tax charges going back several years and resulting in a significant credit towards our utility bills. Not only did Blue Ocean identify these issues, but they were able to obtain a full refund of these overcharges. I would definitely recommend Blue Ocean for any energy-related issues.
Donald Degollado

Director of Real Estate & Facilities , KIPP Austin Public Schools

Thank you again for the great work Blue Ocean did on our buildings at Research Park Plaza I&II. When my superiors first let me know that Blue Ocean was going to do an energy audit on our buildings, I was somewhat leery of the situation feeling that I already do everything I can to make this place awesome.  Well, I found quickly that was not Blue Ocean’s purpose. Blue Ocean came in quickly and almost instantly started looking at issues “outside the box” too numerous to point out in this short note. Needless to say, when I am on site every day stomping fires out, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to do the comprehensive studies that the Blue Ocean Energy group did, on our own.

After Blue Ocean completed the work, they found many simple fixes, that in the end saved us tens of thousands of dollars, not only paying us Blue Ocean’s reasonable fee back but also, netting us real and quantitative profits. In the end, it’s great to know our company has an ally in the awesome and difficult responsibility of maintaining multi-million dollar assets such as ours.

Nicholas Sheley

Lead Engineer S.M.A., Endeavor Real Estate Group

Implementing the kind of energy management strategy Blue Ocean Energy identified, Enfield Properties Ltd. achieved a utility cost reduction of 50%. I highly recommend Blue Ocean Energy.
Mads Engelstoft

President, Enfield Properties Ltd., Houston Texas

Endeavor Real Estate Group has used Blue Ocean Energy’s energy audit services on several class A and class B assets that we manage and/or own. We have been very pleased with the information gathering process and the thoroughness of the reports as well as the recommended energy management strategies. What is particularly interesting is the additional information about the properties we are able to obtain about the assets. This type of in-depth building analysis can assist an owner/manager with the evaluation of maintenance procedures, machinery performance and upkeep as well as building system operations. All in all, we have found the partnership with this group to be worthwhile and accretive to value.
Becky Heston

Principal, Property Management, Endeavor Real Estate Group

The team at Blue Ocean Energy made the Energy Audit process easy. Once the audit was finalized we reviewed the findings and Blue Ocean Energy provided a number of solutions ranging from low cost ideas to capital investment grade vehicles. The audit helped elucidate focal points we can pay attention to and gave us the tools to develop an Energy Strategy for the future.

I enthusiastically recommend Blue Ocean Energy!

Dennis Petrash, CCM

General Manager/CCO, Westwood Country Club, Austin Texas

The Weston Centre retained Blue Ocean to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy cost at our 32-story, Class A office space located on the San Antonio Riverwalk. As part of Blue Ocean’s energy audit, they identified an overcharge by our local utility and procured a refund substantially greater than the cost of the energy audit. Perhaps more important, over the next 12 months, they reduced energy consumption by almost 25% purely by improving operational efficiency. No capital expenditure on replacing equipment took place during this period.

We have since then retained Blue Ocean to ensure that the building retains its efficiency and I am happy to report that we are near earning the distinguished ENERGY STAR certification. Blue Ocean has been professional and easy to deal with and I heartily recommend their service to any building owner/manager.

Mona Ghawi

President, Weston Properties, San Antonio Texas